Feeling Uncomfortably Comfortable by Tyler Bryant

Tell us a little bit about yourself

Hey Everyone! My name is Tyler Bryant, and I’m originally from a smaller town in Southeastern Kentucky called Williamsburg. Here is where my passions were beginning to spark. As a child I grew up on a farm where we worked mainly with sheep, goats, and helped maintain a tree farm on a separate piece of land. I also had the pleasure to work at my family’s business (W.D.Bryant & Sons) for 5+ years. These experiences weren’t always great but looking back, I’m very thankful for the opportunities.

After college, I decided to branch out from the family business to learn a little about myself and get some experience outside of Kentucky. I got a position as the Sales Assistant for STIHL Incorporated in Virginia Beach, andI was then promoted after a year to Territory Manager in Utah. As a territory manager, I oversee 72 accounts and make sure they are succeeding with having our products in their establishments. This role includes conducting product training, opening business in areas of opportunity, having difficult conversations with those who aren’t performing, and deciding whether or not our product is a good fit for a customer with interest. Territory Management has helped me grow tremendously in the past year, so I thought it needed to be brought up.


What is your passion and how did you find it? 

A couple weeks back when I was diving, listening to the PassionProject podcast and reading their blogs, when curiosity struck. “What the hell am I passionate about?!” abruptly sparked in my mind. After some deep thought and some brainstorming in my notepad (after I stopped, of course), I came up with a few branches of passion. After the brainstorming, I decided to go on a quick solo camping trip just outside of Bryce Canyon. The goal of this trip was to eliminate all of the noise that was going on in my life and to dial in on what I love and why I love it. This camping trip was very different than my others in the sense of silence. Literally no service, no Spotify, nothing. It was great and just what the doctor ordered. Weeks prior I was juggling work along with packing all of my belongings and moving from Salt Lake to the desert, so this state of decompression was needed.

After careful and concentrated thought, I’ve narrowed my passion down to overcoming uncomfortable situations. I believe there is tremendous mental growth when overcoming a situation that you may be dreading or uneasy about. This can be anything! I personally have several uncomfortable conversations a week with clients (financial issues, opening up customers nearby, telling them they cannot do certain things), and I believe I grow from each of these which makes the next one much easier. Another unfamiliar situation was uprooting my personal and work life and planting it 2000 miles away. This was terrifying, but I was ready and loved the thought of the unknown. A few weeks after this transplant, I began making friends, getting involved, and being outside, which reassured me that this was right. I met some great folks that made an interesting chapter of my life that I will never forget. Lastly, was to try new things outdoors. I was able to get involved withTree Utah and help plant trees at local ski resorts which was an awesome way to meet new people.

Above all else, my favorite and more uncomfortable outdoor activities are snowboarding and downhill mountain biking. I’ve snowboarded for ten years or so now, but my more recent venture is downhill mountain biking.Mountain biking is one of the more sketchy and mentally draining activitiesI’ve done, but I love it. Something about flying through single track trails in the Wasatch Mountains or cruising on slick red rock in Southern Utah/Moab makes you feel alive. So many things could go wrong and you could get seriously injured, but the majority of the time, you’re fine. After the ride, you feel a sense of growth and trust in not only your body but your mind.

Why do you pursue this passion?

I think reason why I pursue the passion of overcoming uncomfortable situations is my hunger for growth. Whether it is becoming a stronger, a more successful employee, moving across the country without knowing a soul there, or trying out new outdoor activities, you can grow from all of these: mentally, physically, and emotionally. I am passionate about the feeling of “Damn, I glad I did that”.  


What has been the biggest obstacle you had to overcome while pursuing your passion? 

Learning to say no. Sometimes you need a break and need to set aside time for yourself. When moving to a new area, it’s hard to say no because you do not want to miss out on finding new friends. Whether it’s after work drinks, hikes, camping, or hitting the ski resorts on the weekends, all of these are tempting but I could have passed up on some of these. I am the best version of myself when I have decompression periods throughout the week. I am talking, driving, solving problems at least 6 hours a day (usually all at once),and I NEED “me” time when I get off work. You can learn from saying no as well and I have been better at focusing on me before getting involved in other relationships. It’s important to understand the person in the mirror before you try to understand others around you.


What has been the highlight moment of your passion project? 

Honestly, focusing on myself. My entire life has been trying to impress others around me and I soon I was out on my own, I knew I needed to fixsome aspects of my life. The highlight of my passion project was to realize I needed growth and figuring out the steps I need to take to be a well-rounded human.


What's the next step in your passion project?

Clarity. Focusing on being clear minded at all times by eliminating toxicities in my life. I believe that good things can come from cutting back on the negatives.


What’s the one piece of advice you would give someone who is considering starting a passion project?

Do at least three things a week you would never do. Then increase.When I began my new ways of thinking, my goal was to supply at least three homeless people with a gallon of water a week. Very cheap and easy. This became more frequent and less uncomfortable, and before it was over with, I was able to have great conversations with the folks in need.


How can we connect with you?

@tylerbry2 (IG)


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