Welcome to The Passion Project by Ben Chartoff

Hey Passion People, my name is Ben Chartoff and I want to tell you about The Passion Project.

What is The Passion Project?

The Passion Project is not necessarily one thing/product/service/etc., and I never really intend on it being just one thing.

Rather, I imagine it encompassing many things: a platform to share your passion project stories, a brand to get people excited about the things they love, a community that encourages others to start the things they’ve pushed down on their to-do lists time and time again, a warehouse of resources to help you along your passion journeys, a space to be creative, and whatever else you ask it to be.

Why did it start?

There are a ton of self-help resources out there, and we encourage using all of the resources you can to help with your projects. However, we saw the need for a space to share these stories outside the potential judgement and negativity that social media tends to create. We want to provide outlets such as podcasting, blogs, newsletters, and Instagram to act as a space dedicated to positive encouragement and collaboration in regard to your passion projects.  

How did it start?

The idea has been floating around in my mind for a while, but a few months ago, I decided to put some action to this idea. I first started by connecting with an old high school friend, Joe Tancula, experienced in graphic design and small business to talk about how to bring this idea to life. Quickly, we brainstormed a plan and got to work. After bringing on my two of my best friends, Eric Muth (experienced in finance) and Joe Dawson (experienced in technology), the dream team was off and running.

After gaining tons of help from old friends and family, we began the process of developing a podcast, creating a website, finding our products, and putting the systems in place for a functioning business model.

Why now?

It cannot be ignored that the timing for starting a business is not ideal, and the economic situation our world has found itself in is tragic. With that being said, we believe The Passion Project can highlight so much positivity humans have showcased in this period of stagnation.

Due to the free time a lot of us have found in our current lives, we have seen all across social media and news outlets people engaging in projects they would never normally start without such free time. It’s been incredible to witness how creative and willing people have been to not only engage in the projects they are passionate about, but to share these stories with others.

We hope to showcase these stories with our brand, and in turn, we hope that these stories can inspire others to either start, or continue, the things they love outside of their daily responsibilities.

What’s next?

Now, we begin the process of reaching our audience. We plan on developing our own content, sharing the content our community of Passion People provide, and working with others to spread the word of The Passion Project.

As a member of our community, we encourage you to check out our webpage, podcast, blog, and sign up for our weekly newsletter to learn more about the brand and what you can do to help. Most importantly, we encourage you to continue working on the things you are passionate about and share those stories with us, so you can inspire others to embark on a similar journey.

If you want to reach out to us with questions or ways you can get involved, please contact us at team@thepassion-project.com. 

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