Goals for The Project

  • Listen and share the stories of others who are on their own Passion Project journey.
  • Provide products that will help facilitate the connection we have not only to our passions, but to others on a similar journey.
  • Serve as a constant source of inspiration and motivation for those facing hurdles in their Passion Story.
  • Offer others structure and guidance for their Passion Projects so that they can turn their seemingly impossible dreams into necessary actions.

What is The Passion Project

We are a team of four high school friends from Louisville, KY who are passionate about changing the nature of conventional conversation with the addition of one simple question: “What’s your passion?” It’s a question that ignites our imagination, pushes our abilities, knocks us down every once in a while, and opens us up to an ever-changing world. The more we ask this question, the more we will experience personal growth.

Our goal with this project is to provide outlets such as podcasting, blogs, newsletters, and social media to act as a space dedicated to support the awareness, growth, and connection you have to your passion projects. To read more about the origins of The Passion Project, click here.


We are focused on facilitating your passions, stories, and journeys by offering a platform to highlight and propel these stories in order to inspire others to chase their passion.

I was born and raised in Louisville, KY and currently reside in Denver, CO. My passion is and always has been soccer. Since the age of 4 I have played, followed, lived, and breathed soccer. I hope to leverage my personal passion experiences in our goal to inspire with The Passion Project.
Eric Muth

The Team

Ben Chartoff
I was born and raised in Louisville, KY and just set up shop in Denver, CO. My passions are ever changing, but over the past 3-4 years, they’ve narrowed to travelling/any new adventures and yoga/mindfulness. More importantly, I love planning and setting goals for my passions, which is what I hope The Passion Project can inspire others to do.
Joe Dawson
I am from Louisville, KY and now reside in Cincinnati, OH with my girlfriend and dog. Through playing, coaching, and watching, I have a deep passion for the game of football. With my technological abilities, I hope to provide everyone with the tools needed to explore their own passions through The Passion Project.
Joe Tancula
I'm from Louisville, KY, but now live in Palm Springs. I have a passion for design, photography, and business. My goal is to use these passions and skills to create beautiful, fun experiences for everyone who discovers The Passion Project.
"Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing."
Hunter S. Thompson